LogosUI is an amalgamation of utilities brought together for the purpose of simplifying the building of frontend UI's. It is perfect for building websites, small utilities, frontend components, or even full-fledged web-apps. In short, it is [[A set of tools for sane people]]. We have a strong preference on simplicity, and therefore, we bias towards the use of [RiotJS](https://riot.js.org) as our preferred front-end templating tool because its syntax is very close to standard HTML, and its architecture cannot be simpler. By itself it's fantastic, but it lacks the rest of the abstractions necessary to scale functionality. We offer tooling to easily extend and build around Riot's utility. **Objective** To simplify the frontend space by: - Providing a set of tools that perform 1 task, and stay out of your way for anything else - Shipping packages so you implement only what you need **Who this is for** This set of utilities is for developers who are exhausted by modern frontend choice and wish to use something that is simpler and closer to universal browser standards. If you're a DIY type of person, these utils should be a good set of utilities to help you build components. > **Usage in NodeJS** > > A number of the utilities, since they are built using pure JS, should work perfectly well in a NodeJS context as well. Many of the utilities are based off of `EventTarget`, which has been part of the NodeJS standard since v14. ## List of Utilities - [[DOM]] - [[Packages/Fetch|Fetch]] - [[Packages/Forms|Forms]] - [[Packages/Kit|Kit]] - [[Packages/Localize|Localize]] - [[Packages/Observer|Observer]] - [[Packages/State Machine|State Machine]] - [[Packages/Storage|Storage]] - [[Packages/Utils|Utils]] - [[Packages/Riot Utils|Riot Utils]] - [[Packages/Kit|App Kit]] - [[Packages/Riot Kit|RiotKit]]